One of Rail Transit OPS’ objectives is to to keep track of major events on the systems we actively monitor on a day-to-day basis, which includes but is not limited to WMATA, MD MTA, and VRE. Events that are assigned an Event ID include emergencies that require taking a track out of service or rerouting around a section of track, and operational incidents that result in a train not servicing a station.

37 WMATA events were tracked for January 2016 including cracked rails, incidents of fire and/or smoke, rail defects, and station overruns. No events on MD MTA or VRE were included on the list for this month.

RailTransitOps Event Report January 2016

Rail Transit OPS’ major event tracking attempts to include all occurrences that meet our criteria, however it is possible that some are not included and should be. If you know of a major event that you think should be included, especially from the DC metro area rail transit systems, please contact us with any details you may have.

Comments for the events listed do not constitute official root-cause analysis or agency-conducted investigation.


Rail Transit OPS Group is an independent joint venture focused on monitoring and analyzing operations of rail transit agencies and can be found on Facebook and Twitter


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