Track Walker Injured 02/27/21 at 10:17AM 🟒🟑 Ft. Totten (E-2021058-1)

At 10:17A a track inspector suffered an injury to their right ankle requiring DC Fire & EMS response, while walking ~1,500’ (E1 243.00) from the inbound end of the 🟒🟑 Ft Totten platform on the outbound track requiring 🟒🟑 Greenbelt trains to single track via the inbound track at Georgia Av & Ft. Totten until 11:15AM when the injured employee was removed from the train and placed in the care of EMS at Ft. Totten

β€’ At 10:43A Incident commander denied permission for DC Fire to enter track bed

β€’ At 10:43A Apparently neither the DC Fire or the on scene commander briefly has access to the lock for the EETC cart cabinet

β€’ At 10:54 the ROCC announced a train would be sent (Train 303 was offloaded at Columbia Heights) to pick up the injured employee – during this communication there was radio issues between the ROCC & On Scene Commander

β€’ ROCC never implemented SOP 1A initiating emergency procedures and did not require other routine track crews to clear the roadway within its territory

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