Rail Transit Operations, Performance, & Safety Group

About Us

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Rail Transit OPS Group is an independent, publicly-funded organization that analyzes and evaluates the operations, performance and safety of passenger rail transit systems across the country. We proactively identify potential concerns and issue recommendations to the organizations responsible for these systems as well as monitor day-to-day operational activity, all from an unbiased perspective. Currently, our focus is on the Washington, DC metro area, namely the following:

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail

Maryland Area Rail Commuter System (MARC)

Virginia Railway Express (VRE)

Presently, our team consists of the following individuals/organizations:

  • Roger Bowles, Charter Member is detailed with reviewing procedures and policies with a concentration in safety management & incident reviews; provides field audits on rail operations
  • Stephen Repetski, Charter Member is detailed with providing analysis of WMATA Metrorail operations via data visualization and agency historical contexts
  • James Pizzurro of MetroHero, Charter Member is a software engineer detailed with providing real-time visualizations and historical operational data on WMATA Metrorail performance



Operations including field evaluations, administrative costs, IT and communications equipment and software are all funded from contributions from the public via PayPal.

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