Incident Summary – June 14, 2019 Track Fire outside L’Enfant Plaza

On Friday, June 14, 2019 at 6:52 PM EDT, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Special Green Line Train 550 while operating in passenger service as a baseball supplemental train enroute to Anacostia, reported a trackside fire five hundred and seventy-six feet outside of and while in approach to L’Enfant Plaza. Following reporting the fire… Read More

Mon, February 25, 2019 Service Events

7:45A Greenbelt inbound crossover goes out of service requiring the Greenbelt terminal supervisor to manually clamp and lock switches into position. 8:00A Greenbelt 516 reversed at College Park 8:12A Greenbelt 508 reversed at College Park 8:16A Franconia 417 unable to get all doors closed at Farragut West (4min) 8:32A Greenbelt 517 reversed at College Park… Read More

February 23-24, 2019 WMATA Rail Service Adjustments

Red Line Single Tracking Woodley Park Cleveland Park Additional Trains from 10AM <> 9:30PM Silver Spring <> Farragut North Orange Line Single Tracking Minnesota Av Deanwood Cheverly Yellow Line National Airport <> Huntington ONLY Access to DC via BL/Largo Green Line Single Tracking Gallery Place Archives Full Release from Metro here