Support Us & Financial Summary

Thanks for your interest in supporting us!

Our services are solely funded by individual contributions. That support allows us to offset costs resulting from conducting real-time monitoring of WMATA Metrorail operations, provide additional information during incidents, investigate incidents that occur, and more.

On average, we dedicate 20-45 hours of work per week on Metrorail related incidents and events.

To cover our operating costs associated with monitoring, and reviewing operations and incidents as well as administrative costs, we accept non tax-deductible contributions.

Our primary mission is to evaluate and monitor the operations, performance, and safety (OPS) of WMATA Metrorail to ensure that the riding public is aware of any incidents or conditions that could affect the travel of passengers of the nation’s third-busiest rapid transit system. Performing our services is labor-intensive, and typically includes the following:

  • Dedicated Monitoring of Metrorail operations on average 20 hours a week
  • Providing support to one of our partners, MetroHero
  • Reviewing incidents and preparing incident reports
  • Attending select WMATA Board/Committee meetings