Active Incident Reviews

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Our mission is to independently provide insight and transparency on incidents that affect the rail operations of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and to proactively identify areas of concern that could escalate into a serious issue

A list of events that occur on Metrorail during our active monitoring (not full time due to low funding levels) which may not make it to a social media post due to not impacting service can be found here on our Events page

Some Quick Facts about us:

  • We are NOT affiliated with WMATA/ Metro in any manner, we are a completely independent organization
  • While our primary focus is providing active monitoring during peak commuting times (M-F 7:30A-9:00A & 4:30P-7:00P) we try to follow-up with information on incidents during other times as soon as we can
  • DC MetroHero is a proud partner of ours, and is operated independently
  • We are a organized as a small business, and as such require funding to cover operations including labor costs that cover on average 15-20 hours each week
  • We only accept individual contributions to support our operations, no grants, advertising fees, or corporate contributions are accepted
  • During security sensitive incidents, we will withhold selected information.