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Our operations are 100% funded by public contributions, which on an average weekly basis entails approximately 40-50 hours of work; contributions also dictate the level of service we are able to provide. Our current level of operations are budgeted at $1,400 a month. Starting in 2018 our goal is to maintain a minimum of 150 monthly recurring contributions at the $5-$10 which breaks down to $0.25-$0.50 each standard business day.

Currently our primary mission is evaluating and monitoring Metrorail to ensure that the riding public is aware of incidents, operational, and infrastructure conditions that could affect the travel of approximately 600,000 passengers daily on average. Performing our services is very labor intensive, and includes typically the following:

  • Monitoring WMATA rail operations on average 60 hours weekly.
  • Performing on average 5-10 hours of weekly field evaluations
  • Providing field support to one of our partners Metro Hero
  • Reviewing Incidents and Preparing Incident Reports
  • Attending select WMATA Board/Committee Meetings

To cover our operating labor costs associated with reviewing operations and incidents as well as administrative, IT fees and equipment we accept NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE contributions. Any amount you would like to contribute is greatly appreciated.

Financial Data Thru December 31, 2017