Event Summary: Track Defect on Blue/Orange/Silver Line noted on 08.05.16

Event Date:  Friday, August 5, 2016

Event Time:  1:08 PM EDT

Railroad Involved: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Event Location: Blue/Orange/Silver Line D&G Junction Switch 13 (D1 277-283+00)

Event ID: 16.0212

Event Type: Track Defect

On Friday, August 5, 2016 at about 1:08 PM EDT a track unit inspecting a section of WMATA D route elevated structure between Stadium-Armory and Minnesota Av noted several broken stud bolts which anchor the running rails at switch 13 which governs diverging traffic between the Orange Line (D) and Blue/Silver Lines (G). A ten mile per hour speed restriction was placed into effect for twelve hundred (1,200) feet of track around the affected area until permanent repairs were completed.