Preliminary Report: 6/5/18 – WMATA Red Line Incident at Forest Glen Station

This is a preliminary review and as such is subject to change as our review continues.

At about 5:05pm EDT on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, Glenmont-bound Red Line Train 133, consisting of six 3000-series cars, experienced a separation of a roof-mounted HVAC access panel (located on the ends) on the lead pair of cars—3213 and 3212—while in approach to Forest Glen station.

Modified image of the top of a 3000-series railcar (not the incident train). The top HVAC access panel has been outlined in red. Original image: Flickr/Bossi

At about 5:13pm, Glenmont-bound Red Line Train 152, also consisting of six 3000-series cars, made contact with this panel while in approach to Forest Glen station, resulting in smoke as the panel made contact with the electrified third rail.

Red Line trains single-tracked between Silver Spring and Forest Glen from 5:14pm to 9:23pm. Outbound service was disrupted at the beginning of the incident from 5:14pm to 5:51pm.

There were no reported injuries. Six rail cars sustained minor damage, while one sustained moderate damage.

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