Preliminary Report: 8/12/18 – Unscheduled Train Departure from Vienna

On Sunday, August 12, 2018, there was an unscheduled Orange Line train departure from Vienna en route to Foggy Bottom at 2:21PM EST. The following is a summary of events related to that departure.

At 1:47PM, Vienna terminal operations instructed a supervisor to bring a gap train stored in the tail tracks at Vienna to the track 2 platform and keep the doors closed. The supervisor on board was instructed to enter a train ID of 770, which historically identifies a train as having no passengers to the controllers in the Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC).

Train 770 (T-770) opened its doors at 2:06PM, and departed Vienna at 2:21PM, as shown in the image below:

T-770 is shown here as AIMS Train ID 161; it was not a scheduled train departure from Vienna based on WMATA’s public train schedule.

A thorough review of all train departures from Vienna on August 12, 2018 shows T-770 was the only unscheduled revenue departure from Vienna that day.

T-770 serviced every station en route to Foggy Bottom.

This is a preliminary report. All information is subject to change as we learn more.

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