Roadway Worker Protection Violation on October 4, 2018

At 11:45AM EDT Glenmont bound Train 155-3204 approached track department personnel between White Flint & Grosvenor stations on Track 1, the inbound track without sounding its horn periodically and at normal operating speeds instead of the required reduced speed. Train 155 did slow and pass the personnel at approximately 10-15MPH after visually acquiring the track personnel.

AMF (Advance Mobile Flagger) was present at White Flint, however at the time Train 155 serviced the platform, the AMF was fully engaged in a conversation with a Rail Pro contractor and failed to notify the operator of Train 155 of the presence of track personnel.

Also Train 155 failed to sound its mainline horn upon sighting the AMF at White Flint.

At 11:55AM Train 155 followed correct procedures departing Bethesda following contact with the AMF at Bethesda.

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