Mon, February 25, 2019 Service Events

7:45A Greenbelt inbound crossover goes out of service requiring the Greenbelt terminal supervisor to manually clamp and lock switches into position.

8:00A Greenbelt 516 reversed at College Park

8:12A Greenbelt 508 reversed at College Park

8:16A Franconia 417 unable to get all doors closed at Farragut West (4min)

8:32A Greenbelt 517 reversed at College Park

8:44A Greenbelt crossover placed back in service

9:29A Medical Emergency on Silver Spring 256 at Brookland

9:32A 256 requests EMS

9:35A Glenmont 157 reversed to Rhode Island Av towards Shady Grove

9:36A 256 instructed to offload

9:40A Single Tracking initiated via Track 2 (Shady Grove Track) at Brookland and Ft. Totten

9:43A EMS on-site

9:49A Glenmont 159 instructed to offload and reverse at NoMa

9:51A EMS transported passenger – 256 reentering service as 156

9:55A Shady Grove 154 unable to get all doors closed at Farragut North

9:56A Silver Spring 259 reversed at NoMa

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