Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Summary of events that occur during our active monitoring of rail operations on Metro. Majority of listed events fail to impact service to the level where they require a social media post from us, however they do show what’s occurring on the system. Page is refreshed every 20 minutes during active monitoring

AM Data will be uploaded by 9:00PM

4:37P Branch Av Train 516 MTPD hold at Ft. Totten – Released 4:41P

4:40P Report of a passenger falling on Largo Train 416 at National Airport – intoxicated passenger walking between cars, exited at National Airport (4 min delay)

4:45P Largo Train 416 instructed to skip Arlington Cemetery

4:54P Vienna Train 918 MTPD hold at West Falls Church – released 4:57P

5:01P Shady Grove Train 108 requested to perform a track inspection for report of a cone on the trackbed in approach to Friendship Hgts

5:16P Passenger medical emergency reported on Branch Av Train 508 at Anacostia – passenger exited, train released 5:20

5:27P Greenbelt Train 504 MTPD hold at Columbia Hgts- released 5:31