🔵 408-3190 Largo departing 🟡🔵 Braddock Rd experienced brakes locked in emergency and was removed from service @ 🔵🟡 National Airport

Brake odor was detected coming from cars 3028/3029 upon arrival at National Airport


Non Revenue Train 752 Loss of Third Rail Power and Propulsion Malfunction – Alexandria Yard

9:39PM Train 752 reports loss of propulsion and braking on cars 7270, 7183, 7182 while crossing over from the outbound track between King St and Van Dorn St into the Yard Lead track leading into Alexandria Rail Yard

9:49PM Single tracking begins via the inbound track from Braddock Rd to Van Dorn St

9:49PM 🟡 Franconia instructed to reverse back to King St

10:12PM Single tracking concluded