Recommended Solution 16.1 – Replacing Use of Train Horn With Yard Horn Within Station Limits on WMATA 

Recommended Solution 16.1

RE: WMATA Operations

Recomendation 16.1 Area of Concern: Use of Train Horn within station limits to announce train adjustment

Currently WMATA procedure is to sound two short blasts of the train horn prior to initiating movement. This may result in startled passengers on the platform, and precludes the ability of passengers in cars two thru six; or eight from hearing the horn, thus resulting in loss of passenger balance and potential injury.

Our recommendation is to require that train operators utilize two short blasts of the yard horn/intercar buzzer to announce movement of train within station limits to a berthing position (this is NOT recommended to replace non-revenue trains dead-heading thru stations using the train horn). Utilizing the yard horn allows for both passengers aboard the train and on the platform to hear the buzzer indicating the train is about to move. This recommendation can be incorporated into the MSRPH (Metrorail Safety Rules & Procedures Handbook) as 3.169.1



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