Rail Transit OPS Statement on WMATA 7000-Series Announcement Changes

Early in the week of July 8, 2018, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) began instructing some 7000-series train operators to make a new manual announcement to riders: “This is a 7000-series train.” This additional announcement comes in response to three separate incidents in which visually impaired individuals fellĀ into gaps between 7000-series train cars… Read More

Recommendation to WMATA Regarding Potential Third Rail Condition

January 30, 2018 On January 25th and January 29th, two Vienna bound WMATA Orange Line trains experienced a brakes in emergency (BIE) condition while approaching the Stadium-Armory station, requiring both trains to be recovered by another. In light of this, Rail Transit OPS Group recommends the following: Perform an immediate detailed inspection of the contact… Read More

2018-0003 Recommendation to modify announcements on 7000 series railcars

December 6, 2017 From: Rail Transit OPS Group RE: WMATA 7000 series railcar announcements Status: Open-No Action Taken (12/6/17) Recommend that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) immediately require train operators, operating 7000 series rail cars manually announce station arrivals in order for passengers to be aware of the side of the train in… Read More