Recommendation 16.A – Address WMATA Red Line Train Movement between Metro Center and Gallery Place

Rail Transit OPS Group is issuing Recommendation 16.A to WMATA to address the bobbing track circuits located on Track 1 between Metro Center and Gallery Place on the Red Line.

Over the past several weeks, it has been noted that trains departing Metro Center towards Gallery Place stop and go as speed readouts drop out, requiring the train operator to come to a complete stop each time this occurs.

We recommend one of the following two solutions:

16.A.1 – Remove Track 1 from revenue service to allow full replacement of all track circuits from B1 003+00 to B1 018+50; single-track from Farragut North to Judiciary Square along with reduced service frequencies of 14 minutes between Dupont Circle and Union Station. Estimated duration: 2 to 3 days.

16.A.2 – Remove all associated ATC speed commands between Metro Center and Gallery Place on Track 1 and allow trains to proceed under absolute block between the two stations one at a time at speeds no greater than 15 mph. Perform track circuit replacement after 8:00 PM until complete, like Recommendation 16.A.1. This recommendation will also result in delays and train backups, however it eliminates the need for stop and go as trains remain at or under 15 mph throughout. Estimated duration: upwards of 1 week.



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