SafeTrack Surge #1: East Falls Church to Ballston

Surge 1 of the WMATA SafeTrack program is occurring between East Falls Church to Ballston on the inbound track, from June 4th to June 16th. The following are images and media documenting the progress of the work.

Work in this area includes:

  • Rail tie replacement
  • Rail fastener replacement (the devices that hold the rail to the wooden rail ties)
  • Insulator replacement (the white objects that hold up the 3rd rail, which carries power for the trains
  • Traction power and signaling equipment inspection
  • Rail joint elimination (welding together pieces of rail for a smoother ride)

Source: Washington Post (–fewer-riders-slower-trains-crowded-platforms/2016/06/06/de607970-2b46-11e6-9b37-42985f6a265c_story.html)


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