Recommendations for WMATA Surge 1.2 (BL/OR/SV) 

Starting Saturday, June 18, 2016 and continuing thru Sunday, July 3, 2016, WMATA will be executing the second phase of its SafeTrack plan.

(Note: We at Rail Transit OPS have decided to refer to SafeTrack as a first iteration program with individual projects, where each project is identified as the number after a point. Example: Surge #1 = 1.1, Surge #2 = 1.2, etc.)

This surge will be the first full shutdown of segments within the Metrorail system.

There are two work zones:

  • From Eastern Market to Minnesota Ave/Benning Rd
  • From Rosslyn to Arlington Cemetery


Below are our recommendations for both passengers and WMATA during this surge:


OR/Minnesota Ave-New Carrollton:

If your trip destination is between L’Enfant Plaza and Stadium-Armory, your best option is to utilize the shuttle bus or other local bus routes to connect around the shutdown segment.

If your trip destination is beyond L’Enfant Plaza, consider utilizing the MD MTA MARC Penn Line from New Carrollton to Washington Union Station or board at the Greenbelt station on the Green Line (MARC Camden Line is also available here, however on a more limited schedule). Other bus shuttles and local routes may also be available along your trip.

SV/Benning Rd-Largo Town Center:

Same options as above with the additional option of traveling to one of the following Green line stations:

  • Southern Av
  • Naylor Rd
  • Suitland
  • Branch Av


  1. Operate OR service from Vienna to Eastern Market at 6-minute headways during rush hour, and 10-minute headways at non-rush-hour. (3 min rush/5 min non-rush core headways between East Falls Church and Eastern Market)
  2. Operate SV service from Wiehle-Reston East to Eastern Market at 6-minute headways during rush hour service and 10-minute headways during non rush hour. (3 min rush/5 min non rush core headways between East Falls Church and Eastern Market)
  3. OR/Shuttle from New Carrollton to Minnesota Ave- Operate 2 8-car trains at 10 min headways at all times.
  4. SV/Shuttle from Largo Town Center to Benning Rd- Operate 2 8-car trains at 12 minute headways at all times.
  5. Operate a single 8-car shuttle train from Arlington Cemetery to National Airport on a 20-minute headway; this will allow increased capacity between National Airport and Pentagon while eliminating confusion for boarding passengers between Franconia-Springfield and Pentagon.
  6. Operate YL service from Franconia-Springfield to Greenbelt every 12 minutes at all times and to Mt. Vernon Sq. every 12 minutes during rush hour. Operate YL service from Huntington to Mt. Vernon Sq every 12 minutes at all times.
  7. Operate additional RD service from NoMa to Farragut North to accommodate additional commuter rail traffic.
  8. Operate GR/YL trains at or above 75% 8-car capacity to accommodate “spillover” traffic.


Below are the MARC Commuter Timetables for the Penn Line (Weekday/Weekend) and Camden Line (Weekday Only Service):


MARC PENN Line Weekend 

MARC Camden Line (Weekday service ONLY) 


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