Recommendation 16-302.2 to WMATA Regarding Operations during SafeTrack Surge 10 (1.10) 

Date: Friday, October 28, 2016

From: Rail Transit OPS Group

Railroad: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Based on the information provided by WMATA on service patterns during SafeTrack Surge 10, Rail Transit OPS Group is issuing the following recommendations:

> Decrease headways on the Shady Grove-to-NoMa segment from the planned six minutes to four minutes by operating twenty two trains, with sixteen of those trains being operated as eight-car consists for 75% eight-car train coverage

> Operate trains on the Glenmont-to-Fort Totten segment at the planned ten-minute headway by operating five (for 100% coverage) eight-car trains

> Operate four Yellow tripper trains during the height of AM rush from Greenbelt to Huntington and return those trains back to Greenbelt during the height of PM rush hour

> Operate five Yellow Rush Plus trains (50%) and twelve Green line trains (70%) as eight-car consists; this will help accommodate overflow traffic