Event Review Summary on Unauthorized Automatic Door Operation on WMATA T-104

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 at about 8:10 AM EST Red Line Train 104 departed Shady Grove Terminal enroute to NoMa/Gallaudet station. Upon arrival at it’s first stop Rockville, the operator of T-104 contacted the Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC) and informed them that upon berthing (stopping) on the platform the doors automatically opened on the platform side. Upon review of the door control selector switch it was determined the switch was in the Auto/Manual position instead of the required Manual/Manual position. The switch was reset and the train continued without further incident. There was no danger from the doors operating in the Auto/Manual configuration. Current WMATA policy requires ALL trains operate in the Manual/Manual configuration. (see below). This review resulted from the concern that train operators are not visually inspecting key circuit breakers, and selector switches prior to departure from a terminal station.

WMATA train doors operate in three modes:

Auto/Auto: In this mode the Automatic Train Control software initiates door opening upon verification that the train is probably berthed on the platform; and after a preset dwell time initiates door closing process. Never used in passenger service 

Auto/Manual: In this mode the ATC software initiates door opening upon being properly berthed on the platform. Doors are closed manually by the train operator. Primary door mode for majority of system operation

Manual/Manual: In this mode both the opening and closing of doors is manually controlled by the train operator. In use since 2007 due to frequency interference in Auto/Manual mode