Urgent Recommendation 16-334.01 to WMATA to Address Roadway Worker Protection 

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Following a visual evaluation of the progress of Surge 11 of WMATA’s SafeTrack program, Rail Transit OPS issues the following urgent recommendation to WMATA for improving safety in the work zone that extends from East Falls Church to West Falls Church stations on the Orange and Silver Lines:

> Implement and/or modify automated speed couplers to restrict maximum train speed to twenty eight miles per hour (28 MPH) from East Falls Church interlocking to K98 interlocking on Track K2. Complete speed restriction would extend from K2 409+00 to K2 484+00 for a distance of 8,500 feet. 

> Install an temporary intermediate chain barrier fence between Tracks K1 & K2 from the outbound limit of East Falls Church platform (K2 415+04) to K2 479+00 to be located at the perimeter of the dynamic envelope of trains traversing Track K2 as a means of mitigating the potential for work personnel and/or equipment fouling Track K2 and causing a potential collision with a revenue vehicle.