Monday, January 13, 2020 Service Events

Summary of events that occur during our active monitoring of rail operations on Metro. Majority of listed events fail to impact service to the level where they require a social media post from us, however they do show what’s occurring on the system. Page is refreshed every 20 minutes during active monitoring

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7:34A Branch Av 504 reports unable to close all doors at PG Plaza – cleared

7:40A Vienna Train 908 reports inoperative public address system at Minnesota Av – cleared at 7:54

9:01A Franconia Train 401-3177 reports brakes in emergency at Capitol Heights – cleared by operator

9:06A Shady Grove Train 128 reports a brake system and HVAC warning on car 7288 at Wheaton – tripped circuit breaker

9:16A MTPD response to New Carrollton for fight/assault with weapon, taser deployed

9:19A Report of passenger experiencing a medical emergency on platform at Georgia Av, trains placed on restricted speed

12:42P Branch Av Train 508 reports sparks from Weez bond at ~E2 210

12:44P Huntington Train 304 offloaded at Ft. Totten to serve as Test Train 704

12:45P Greenbelt Train 307 instructed to perform a track inspection from Georgia Av > Ft. Totten – reports clear inspection at 12:47

12:55P Test Train 704 reported a small arcing event ~E2 222

12:57P Inbound track removed from service, single tracking started via Outbound track at Ft. Totten and Georgia Av

12:58P Yellow Line service truncated to Huntington <> Mt. Vernon Sq

1:01P Greenbelt Train 501 instructed to skip Georgia Av

1:02P MTPD & DC Fire Engine 17 on site at Ft. Totten

1:06P Branch Av Train 510 instructed to skip Georgia Av

1:18P ERT 663 (Emergency Response Team) on site at Ft. Totten – arrives at incident area at 1:35 – Enters trackbed at 1:45P (E2 215)

1:38P Branch Av Train 511 instructed to skip Georgia Av

1:51P Third rail power restored Georgia Av <> Ft. Totten on inbound track for ERT inspection

1:56P ERT 663 requests Non Revenue Train 700 as test train on the inbound track following negative stray current of a train passing on the outbound track

2:00P ERT 663 reports no smoke, arcing following the passing of Train 700 & clears track for normal service

2:13P Single tracking concluded and Yellow Line service resumes Huntington <> Greenbelt