Tuesday, January 14, 2020 Service Events

Summary of events that occur during our active monitoring of rail operations on Metro. Majority of listed events fail to impact service to the level where they require a social media post from us, however they do show what’s occurring on the system. Page is refreshed every 20 minutes during active monitoring

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7:35A Monitoring Start

7:46A Largo Train 418 instructed to skip Morgan Blvd

7:49A Car 3060 on Silver Train 607 experiencing propulsion surges

7:50A Shady Grove Train 116 reported possible bodily fluids in car 7144

8:04A Intermittent Radio outages system-wide, restored around 8:25A

8:53A Monitoring Ended

4:06P New Carrollton Train 906 held at Eastern Market for MTPD response for disorderly juveniles

4:10P Huntington Train 310 reports sick passenger in car 7058 while crossing Potomac River bridge – pax report no pulse 4:12 – No signs of life 4:13 –

4:15P Huntington Train 310 Offloaded at Pentagon

4:15P Greenbelt Train 305 rerouted to Arlington Cemetery

4:18P OPS3 instructs Supervisor at L’Enfant Plaza to instruct passengers to go downstairs and use Blue line trains to reach VA – No announcement from OPS2

4:19P OPS2 announces single tracking via inbound Track 1 at Arlington Cemetery & Pentagon

4:22P OPS1 announces single tracking from Mt. Vernon Sq <> Pentagon City on Yellow Line

4:22P Arlington FD EMS on site at Train 310

4:23P Report of bodily fluids on car 3223 on Largo Train 614 – car isolated 4:36P

4:23P Gap Train 735 placed in service at National Airport towards Huntington – departs 4:34

4:25P Train Control Tech 2378 preparing to enter trackbed at inbound switches at L’Enfant Plaza to remove clamps from switch 1 to allow single tracking – clamps removed 4:28P

4:28P Glenmont Train 121 reports motor overload on car 6163, remove at Glenmont

4:31P Train Control Techs 2378 instructed to move to Mt. Vernon Sq

4:32P Huntington Train 311 instructed to leave Archives and hold short of switch 1 at L’Enfant Plaza

4:34P Arlington EMS departed Pentagon at 4:30, awaiting ME

4:37P Franconia Train 410 rerouted to Huntington

4:39P L’Enfant Plaza switch 1 indicating out of alignment, Train Control Techs instructed to manually align switch 1 for a crossover movement from the outbound to inbound track for Train 311- instructed to lock the switch in a normal traffic position at 4:42P – Train 311 instructed to proceed to L’Enfant Plaza platform 2 at 4:46 after holding 14 mins

Break in monitoring from 4:52P <> 5:46P

5:50P Car 7480 isolated on Greenbelt Train 302 for bodily fluids

6:12P Restricted Speed for trains servicing Judiciary Square for passenger with medical concerns

8:08P Greenbelt Train 509 request EMS for unresponsive passenger at Southern Av on car 7554 – Single tracking via Outbound Track 2 at Southern Av & Naylor Rd

8:24P PGFD EMS on site at Southern Av

8:35P Non Revenue Train 710 (from Pentagon incident) cleared to depart National Airport pocket track enroute to Greenbelt Yard

8:37P Passenger removed from 7554 by EMS – car 7554 isolated