Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Service Events

Summary of events that occur during our active monitoring of rail operations on Metro. Majority of listed events fail to impact service to the level where they require a social media post from us, however they do show what’s occurring on the system. Page is refreshed every 20 minutes during active monitoring

7:19A Branch Av Train 510 reports wheels out of round on car 7698

7:30A New Carrollton Train 914 reports motor overload on car 3261 – remove at New Carrollton

7:53A Radio communications become intermittent

8:14A Shady Grove Train 127 reports sick/unresponsive passenger at Union Station -offloaded

8:16A Single tracking announced at Union Station & Judiciary Sq via outboundtrack

8:19A Glenmont Train 128 instructed to offload and reverse at Dupont Circle – reload and continue instruction at 8:22A

8:21A Passenger exited Train 127